Sainsburys Bank Phone Number 0843 713 7325

Telephone calls cost 5 pence per minute plus your phone network providers access charge

If you would like to get in touch with the Sainsburys Bank customer services team you're able to telephone them on the above number to help deal with your needs. If you would like to discuss a new product including a loan, savings, credit cards, insurance or travel money you can gain support from the team on the above contact number. You can also speak to the Sainsburys Bank team if you would like to make changes to any existing products you hold including making an insurance claim, paying your credit card bill or transferring savings.

Sainsbury’s bank was first opened in 1997. The bank is owned by Sainsbury’s, a huge supermarket chain in the UK. The bank has a lot of features and benefits that it can offer to its customers. The bank offers home, life, car, pet, and even travel insurance, aside from its banking options as well. Not every bank offers these types of insurances for its customers. Sainsbury’s bank believes that their customers are the heart of what they do there. Everything they offer, they offer because it is what they believe their customers are in need of.

Sainsbury's Bank Customer Service Phone Number 0843 713 7325

Because the bank offers so many products, they have to divide their customer support into several departments. Of course, each department has their own separate hours of operation. Majority of the departments are open Mondays to Friday from 8am- 9pm, and normally from 9am-5pm on weekends. Every department can be reached via email or by simply calling them. It’s no surprise that every company wants to be the best and wants to improve themselves in order to make sure that their customers are fully content with the service that is being provided to them. Sainsbury’s bank has its own department that handles all customer queries. But, because the bank offers so many different products, its support department is divided into different sections depending on the product that they have queries about. After a query has have been raised, they are then put into investigation. During the investigation, the company has a representative contact the customer to keep them up to date with the investigation of their query.