British Gas Customer Support Phone Number 0843 713 7313

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This page is designed to give you general information about frequently asked questions as regards energy companies. The exact details will vary based on your location, tariff, provider, contract, etc, so if you need a precise answer you should always contact your provider yourself. However, these general answers should help you understand how your relationship with your energy provider will work and any basic questions you may have about the industry. How can I pay for my energy use? This will depend on the company and tariff. There are various different ways of measuring your energy use, such as a meter or a pay-as-you-go unit. These will be discussed and any options explained to you when you sign up with your provider; if you have any questions, you should contact their hotline to be sure. Actual payments can be made by direct debit, standing order, or by manually making the payment each month. The latter method is not recommended, as there could be issues if you forget to pay, and it is not as flexible as a direct debit payment, which will only take the necessary amount of money each month and can easily be adjusted to avoid overcharging you. Can I use the same provider when I move house? You can probably do this.

The rates might be different for a home which is not in the same area, and with some companies you may need to close the old account and open a new one to make the switch. The best recommendation is to contact your provider (and the previous provider at the new address, if not the same company) and ask them to sort it out. In the process of switching, you should never be left without the basics. If the provider at your new address was not formerly the same as the provider at the address you’re switching to, you may find that you have to pay for a few weeks of use with the old provider. Any disputes about such bills should be raised with the provider themselves. Can I sign up online? With many companies you can start the process of signing up via the internet, but at some point you will probably have to call to verify details, make any necessary appointments, or make other arrangements. If you can’t do this for some reason (e.g. you are Deaf) then there are options available or you could nominate someone to register on your behalf. How do I read my meter? On some tariffs you may have to submit a meter reading every month to obtain an accurate record of the energy you’re using and the precise cost of what you have used since your last payment. On that page it will explain what data they need. The meter is often located on the wall in the first room of your house as you enter, in the garage, or in a small outside cupboard. If you’re not sure, you should ask to be shown where it is when you move in.

If you are renting accommodation, it may be your landlord who has to do these checks. Why is my tariff so much higher than last year? This depends on your provider and tariff. One common cause of an increased rate is when your billing is based on your usage over the last year. You may be charged for the amount of energy you used during the winter in the summer months, which will make your payment seem high. This works out over the course of the year, however. If you have any issues, you should contact your provider directly, and one of their agents will be able to assist you. There seems to be a problem with my meter, what should I do? Contact your provider immediately and make them aware of the problem. You should not make any attempt to fix it yourself without guidance, as this could constitute tampering and affect the accuracy of your meter’s readings. What should I do if I have no electricity or gas? If it is a general power cut, you will probably be able to tell by looking outside. If it is just your own house, it might be easy to fix by finding the circuit breaker and resetting it. If you have repeated problems with that, you may wish to contact your provider anyway to troubleshoot any recurring issues. If it is not a general power cut and your own circuit breaker has not been tripped, you should contact your provider immediately to let them know. You could have been cut off due to an accident, or perhaps if there was some mistake in billing.


I think I can smell gas, what should I do? If you can smell gas, you should immediately call 0800 111 999 to deal with the issue. They will probably be able to guide you in how to turn off your gas supply if you don’t know. While you wait for them to send someone to help you, you should open all windows and doors in your house to ventilate it. You should not switch any electrical items on or off, as this can cause a spark which would ignite the gas in the case of a gas leak. If there are any naked flames in the house, you should put them out immediately (e.g. candles, the hob). You should refrain from smoking or lighting matches for any other purpose until the emergency service have cleared your home. Why do I need a carbon monoxide detector? Unlike the natural gas used in your gas supply, carbon monoxide is an odourless gas. It is also invisible, so it is impossible to detect. Carbon monoxide leaks can be caused by badly installed or damaged appliances, and are due to the incomplete combustion of the fuel. Carbon monoxide is highly poisonous, and when you are suffering from it, you may not be aware of what is happening. The effects can mimic flu symptoms, including headaches, nausea, lethargy and dizziness. Confusion and unconsciousness can also be caused by carbon monoxide. It is important you have any gas appliances fitted by a registered professional, and that you get them serviced where possible. Even then, accidents can happen and it is definitely advised that you have a carbon monoxide detector to make you aware of any issues.