Clydesdale Bank Lost & Stolen Phone Number 0843 713 8911

Telephone calls cost 5 pence per minute plus your phone network providers access charge

If you need to speak to the Clydesdale Bank customer services team if your card has been lost or stolen you can call them on the above telephone number. You can arrange cancelling your lost card and have a new one issued.

Clydesdale Bank Phone Number 0843 713 8911

Clydesdale Bank is a commercial bank that goes all the way back to March of 1838 where it was founded in Glasgow. In 1987 it was officially sold to the National Australia Bank but still has its headquarters in St Vincent Place, Glasgow, Scotland. They have over 7.7 million customers internationally with branches spread out through the UK. They have the options of personal, private, or business banking, as well as internet banking where customers can manage their money whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. Clydesdale Bank also offers numerous of other financial needs such as insurance, mortgages, and loans. They won the 2014 Moneyfacts Awards for Best Personal Loan Provider.

Clydesdale Bank Customer Services Telephone Number 0843 713 8911

They have a 24-hour Customer Service line which operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If a credit card is believed to be lost or stolen, the Branch should be contacted the moment it’s realised to be lost. Clydesdale Bank also offers an Internet Banking Helpdesk line for those that need help with their online accounts or to reset the username and password. For other type of banking needs such as personal loan or mortgage enquires they can be contacted in the correct department on the banking telephone line. There’s a Collections Centre that can be called for advice on dealing with debt and guidance on different payment methods.