Barclaycard Phone Number 0843 713 8900

Telephone calls cost 5 pence per minute plus your phone network providers access charge

If you need to get in contact with the Barclaycard customer services team you're able to call them on the above telephone number and they'll help you deal with all kinds of customer services inquiries. You'll be able to gain help for all types of queries including if you've lost or had your Barclaycard stolen, making payments and bill queries. You can also get support from the Barclaycard team on the above phone number if you'd like to increase your credit limit, transfer a balance or if you'd like to cancel your card. You can also get help if you're applying for a new card and have any questions or if you'd like to change or upgrade your credit card account. If you have moved home or would like to update any of your personal details on your Barclaycard team you'll also be able to gain help from the team on the above contact number. If you have questions about your statement or would like to pay your bill this can also be arranged via the above telephone number. You're able to pay your bill securely via the Barclaycard phone service or alternatively can arrange to be set up to manage your account online. If you are having technical problems using logging into your online account or have forgotten your login details you'll be able to get support from the team on the above phone number. You can also request a PIN reminder if you've forgotten your number.