Aqua Credit Card Phone Number 0843 713 8924

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If you need to speak to the Aqua credit card customer support team you can telephone them on the number 0843 713 8924 to get through to the customer services department. The Aqua credit card team will be happy to help with all types of requests including making a payment, changing your credit limits or updating your personal details on the account. You can also speak to the team if your card has been lost or stolen and they'll help arrange to cancel your card and re-issue a new card on the phone number 0843 713 8924. The Aqua credit card customer services team can also help if you'd like to cancel your card or to discuss transactions on your bill.

Aqua Credit Card Phone Number 0843 713 8924

Aqua was launched in 2002 with the belief that everybody, no matter their credit history, should have the financial freedom to build their credit up. They now have over half of a million customers across the UK. They are underwritten and managed by NewDay Cards Ltd, which is the UK’s leading credit card provider, previously SAV Credit Limited. They offer customers three different credit cards: Aqua Classic, Aqua Advance, and Aqua Reward. To apply for one of their credit cards can be done by calling them or applying directly online, although applying online is the recommended route. After receiving the new credit card in the mail, it’s good to call and activate it right away. Their customer service support lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aqua Credit Card Customer Services Telephone Number 0843 713 8924.

The customer service can be contacted at any time for reports of a lost credit card, payments and enquiries, making a claim on Card Care cover or repayment cover, activation of the aqua card, or to reset an online account password. They also have a mailing address for enquires but they recommend calling their UK-based customer service centre for quicker advise.


Help and Support with your Credit Card/Store Card on the above Phone Number.

The team will be able to help if you've forgotten your login details such as your user ID or memorable word. The team will be able to walk you through the process of recovering your details securely. You can get help with switching between online and paper statements. You say also need to update personal information on your account such as your address if you've moved home or possibly your contact telephone number. If you've forgotten you PIN number you can arrange with the team to have a reminder securely posted to you. If you've forgotten your log in details for your online account the team will be able to help you recover these details and send out reminders to you.

The team will also be able to assist on the above telephone number if you'd like to change or increase the credit limits on your account. You can get support if your card has been lost or stolen and arrange to get your card cancelled and a new card posted to you. Find out how much cash you can withdraw on your card and find out what your minimum payment is and how you can pay your bill. The team will be able to help with balance transfers and confirm how long it will take for balance transfers to go through and show on your account. Find out the account details you should use to pay your bill and what reference to add. You'll need to use the specific account number and sort code if you're using online banking and ensure you quote the correct reference, the team will be able to give you information on this process. You an get support from the customer services team if you have questions if you've applied for a credit card or store card online and how long you can expect to wait before you hear whether your application had been successful. You can find out if there are any limits on contactless payment using your card, how to activate a new card or what to do if you're going on holiday and plan to use your card while away.

If you have questions about balance transfers and the process then the team will be holy to help with information on arranging and the time you can expect it to take. If you've forgotten your password you still may be able to access your account using other security information and any be able to change and select a new password online. Find out how you can go about ordering a new or replacement card. You an ask the customer support team for details about using your card abroad and the charges you can expect on the above contact phone number. You can also speak to the team to arrange activating a new card over the phone. Find out how you an pay your bill using a debit card. Find out what your credit limit is and the Interest charges on your account. Find out how to set up a direct debit on your account and how long it will take for bill payments to appear on your account and statement.

The team will be able help if your card is about to expire and when you can expect to receive a new card/replacement. Find out the process of changing your PIN number if you find it difficult to remember, you should be able to change your at many cash machines using the options. Find out how you can amend or cancel your direct debit. If you have an interest free period on your card you'll be able to find out when this ends on the above phone number. Find out how you can turn off paper statements and switch to e statements. Get support if your credit limits have been increased and you have questions about this. The team can also help if your PIN has been locked.