UPS Phone Number 0843 713 7308

Telephone calls cost 5 pence per minute plus your phone network providers access charge

If you need to contact UPS logistics for all kinds of customer service needs you can call them on the above telephone number. If you have questions about a delivery or would like to track your order you can get support on the above contact number.

Logistics Customer Service Telephone Number UK

There are many different companies which offer logistics solutions, with many different ways of working, rates and goals. However, they are all in the end working for you, the customer, under the same terms and conditions imposed by regulators. Hopefully, you will find the information here helpful, although you may ultimately need to contact a specific company for information about a specific service. There are a lot of acronyms: INCO, FOB, and CIF – what do these mean? These acronyms refer to the conditions under which a shipment is sent. INCO stands for “International Commercial Terms”, while FOB and CIF refer to a short description of who exactly is responsible for the goods at a given point during shipping, and who will pay for duties, fees, etc. FOB means “Free on Board” and CIF means “Cost, Insurance and Freight.” Individual companies may also have their own acronyms to refer to particular services. Can logistics companies ship worldwide? This will depend on the logistics company, its partnerships with other companies in other countries, or its international network of shipment handling. It is very common for a particular company to be able to ship worldwide, either through its own network or through partnership with another company.

Can logistics companies ship to a PO Box? Usually, logistics companies cannot ship to a PO Box. This may be possible by special arrangement, but usually someone needs to sign for the shipment when it reaches its destination, and larger shipments also need to be stored somewhere, which a PO Box does not allow room for. Can I ship hazardous materials and goods? This will depend on the individual company. Some are set up to assist with issues of transporting and handling dangerous materials in shipments, while other companies have policies excluding items like lithium batteries, anything radioactive, etc. The companies’ willingness to handle particular materials is based on whether they have the expertise needed to deal with them. Some companies in fact specialize in disposal of hazardous waste or transport of radioactive materials, etc. If this capability is important to you when choosing your logistics company for a long term partnership, you should establish whether this is possible at the outset. How can I ship hazardous materials safely? In order to ship hazardous materials, a company may impose certain safety restrictions on size, weight, amount of the substance, careful labelling, extra insurance, particular packaging, etc, etc.

All of these terms and conditions should be adhered to for the shipment of any hazardous materials. It is your responsibility to ensure that the materials are as safe as possible for transport and there is no danger to the handlers. Can I track my shipment? Most logistics companies offer a way to track specific shipments. A tracking number, if available, would probably be given to you at the time an order is confirmed. If they do not have this capability, they may still be able to let you know where your shipment is if you inquire. Is the tracking status up to date? This depends on the company, but most companies do update their tracking in real time. There may however be the problem of individual error, where an employee forgets to scan an item, etc. If you notice something unusual in your tracking data – such as a shipment not moving for several days, or being listed as ready for delivery for several days in a row – then you may wish to contact the company concerned and ask them to look into it. What time do deliveries come? Many companies offer a very broad window in which they may deliver your shipment. Some simply state that the shipment may arrive between 9am and 6pm, or a similar time scale, while others may provide narrower slots.

What if I’m not in when my delivery arrives? Usually, the driver bringing your shipment will leave a note for you explaining what he has done. This could include leaving the parcel in a designated safe place, leaving a parcel with a neighbouring household or business, or returning to reattempt delivery the next day. If you miss several opportunities to accept your parcel, they may offer you the opportunity to pick up your parcel from a local depot or hub within a certain period of time. If you do not claim it within that time, they may return the parcel to the sender. Can I change the delivery address while my parcel is still en route? This may or may not be possible, depending on the policy of the company involved. You may require proof of ownership to make such a change, or agreement from the individual or company who sent the shipment in the first place. How long will my shipment be in transit? This depends on the company handling the shipment and the selections you made when arranging for delivery. Typically companies offer a range of speeds, with next day delivery costing the most.

How should I pack things to send? If you are preparing a package to send, make sure that the packaging is strong enough. Do not reuse packaging or boxes if possible; the more often a box, packet or bag is used, the weaker it may become due to overuse. Corrugated cardboard is particularly strong in terms of packaging and is advised when you are putting any shipments in boxes. Can I intercept a delivery before it reaches me? Again, this is often a premium service offered by a particular company or companies, and may require proof of identity or proof of purchase to arrange. What if my shipment is damaged in transit? The responsibility for your shipment varies depending on various factors, including who packed it, the type of postage you paid for, etc. Typically, if you can prove that it was the logistics company who damaged your parcel, it is possible to claim reparations from them for damaged goods. If, however, the packaging was insufficient, it may be a case of the original customer making a mistake in packaging, and in that case the liability may be theirs.