Topshop Store Card Phone Number 0843 713 7303

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If you need to speak to the Topshop Store Card customer support team you can call them on the phone number 0843 713 7303 to get help from the customer services team. The team can help you if you'd like to apply for a Topshop Store Card and have questions about your application. You'll also be able to arrange payment for an existing bill, confirm the balance on your account, query a transaction on your bill and also arrange to cancel your card using the above telephone number. The Topshop Store Card customer services team can also help if you've lost your card or if it's been stolen on the above phone number. The team will help cancel your existing card and arrange to issue a replacement card. The team can also provide support if you need to update your personal details in your account such as a change of address and also help if you'd like to change the credit limit on your card.

Store card Customer Services Telephone Number UK

This FAQ is designed to give you some basic information about the potentials of a store card. If you have a particular question that isn’t covered here, you may need to contact the provider of your card to ensure that you get accurate information. Unfortunately, many store cards are available and the terms and conditions are different for each one, and sometimes a particular store will have multiple different options available. If you’re unsure, it’s best to review the policy documentation of the specific store card or even ring their hotline for advice tailored to the exact service. If you’re looking for general information, however, this page covers frequently asked questions about store cards and should give you a basic idea of what they are, how you can use them, and what the benefits are! What is a store card? A store card is a credit card which is tied to a specific store. For example, a Marks & Spencer credit card.

This credit card is not only usable at the store in question, but may entitle you to benefits when you shop at that store. This will depend on the exact program you sign up for, but should be clear when you do sign up. Most people working on the shop floor will be able to explain the basics of a store card to you. Do employees gain a bonus when I sign up? Often it is possible for employees to gain a bonus when you sign up for a store card. Alternatively, their performance evaluations may be dependent on how many people they manage to persuade to sign up. Why do they always ask me if I want a store card? If you find that employees of a particular store offer you a store card every time you shop, it’s likely that they are obligated to offer the card to any customers they interact with. What’s the benefit of a store card? The benefits of a particular store card depend on the exact store which you’re shopping with. There may be loyalty schemes or discounts available when you use your store card. The cards may also have lower interest than in other places, or zero interest on purchases made at that store, etc.

This will depend on the terms and conditions of the card when you sign up. Do they run a credit check? Yes. Because they have to rely on you to repay the money you use on credit, a store card will also entail running a credit check before activating your account. You will also need a fixed address, a current UK bank account, and be currently employed with a regular income. Does it affect my credit rating? Yes. It is the same as an ordinary credit card in that respect; except for any benefits it may offer in a particular store or network of stores. How can I apply for a store card? You can ask about the store card in any branch of that particular store. If the employee you ask doesn’t know how to help you, they will know which of their colleagues can assist you. If nobody is available, they may be able to make an appointment with you to discuss it further, or direct you to online resources. How long does it take to apply for a store card? The application should only take 10-15 minutes to fill in. Stores are aware that when you’re shopping, you don’t have unlimited time to do this kind of thing, so their application forms are sometimes shorter than typical to make it easier for you and other customers to carry on with your shopping.

The rest of the process depends on the store in question and how long it takes for them to carry out the basic checks they need to assure themselves that you are a suitable candidate for a store card. What if I lose a store card? Because the card is a credit card, you should immediately call to cancel it if you lose it or if you think there’s a chance it has been stolen. It is far easier to replace a credit card than it is to deal with the impact to your credit rating if your card has been used by an unauthorized person. What if I have a complaint? If you have a complaint, you should ring the hot line of the company who provided your credit card. Staff in store is unlikely to be able to help as this will not be their area of expertise, though they may be able to explain exactly who you need to call. Can I change the due date of payments? Unfortunately, this is usually not possible. It is always best to make a minimum payment each month rather than try to defer the payment, to help with your credit rating.

Having a fixed due date does allow you to plan ahead. Are there any penalties if I choose to cancel my card? This depends on the store in question, but usually there are no penalties or fees provided you have paid off your balance. How soon can I start using a store card? You can start using your store card as soon as you have received it through the mail. This should be within 7 to 10 days of approval. If your card does not arrive for much longer than that, you should contact the customer service department to check what has happened. Can I add additional cardholders? This may depend on the store providing your card, but usually this is possible. They will share your credit limit, and you will be responsible for any purchases they make and for paying off their credit. What is the credit limit? Your credit limit is based on your personal circumstances. You may request that the limit be increased, but this is down to the discretion of the company handling the card. How can I protect the card from fraud or misuse? You should change the PIN to something you will remember, and sign the back of the card. Do not write down your PIN, as this may allow someone else to use it without your authorization.