Debenhams Credit Card Phone Number 0843 713 8925

Telephone calls cost 5 pence per minute plus your phone network providers access charge

If you need to get in contact with the Debenhams Credit Card team you can telephone them on 0843 713 8925 and the customer services department will be happy to help with your request. The team can help with all types of enquiries including updating the personal details on your account such as a change of address. You can also get help if you have questions about your bill or if there are transactions you do not recognise. The Debenhams Credit Card customer support team will also be able to assist if you'd like to pay bill or change your credit limits. You can also get help if you'd like to cancel your card or if it's been lost or stolen, the team will arrange to cancel your current card and re-issue a replacement.

Debenhams Credit Card Phone Number 0843 713 8925

Debenhams is a British department store that owns franchises in the United Kingdom and Ireland, selling fashion clothing, household items, cosmetics, and furniture. They started off in the 18th century as a solitary store in London, which has now grown to over 172 retail stores across Ireland, Denmark, and of course the UK. Debenhams introduced the ‘Designers at Debenhams’ brand which put designer names at High Street prices and really helped make the multinational store that it is today. They also have their own Debenhams MasterCard that has exclusive benefits, especially for those that shop within the store. 10% discounts are available when the card holder uses it in their cafes and restaurants, reward points are earned, free standard delivery on all products shipped from their websites, as well as cash advances.

Debenhams Credit Card Customer Services Telephone Number 0843 713 8925

Applying for the card takes between ten to fifteen minutes and once the card is received, it can be used right away after calling the Activation card services. If the customer is interested in learning more about their credit history they can contact the cred reference agency which is located in the UK. Their Customer Services Lines are available Monday to Sunday, 8am to 9pm every day. They can also be reached for help and advice, including lost or stolen cards.


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This page gathers together the answers to frequently asked questions about financial issues relating to bank accounts, loans, etc. For specifics you should always contact your bank or credit card operator and give your details so that the information will be accurate and applicable to your account. However, if you’re looking for general information the answers here should be sufficient to help you. What do I need to open a current account? When you apply to open a current account, banks will typically require some basic information about your finances to help you choose the right type of account for your financial situation. This can include your current monthly income after tax, where you work and how long you’ve worked there, any other income you receive, your address information for the last three years (minimum), and the details of any accounts you want to switch to a new bank. Each bank may have specific requirements in addition to these, and you will typically be asked to provide several forms of ID, including proof of address.

If you book an appointment with an advisor, they can guide you through the process, and it should typically take no more than an hour. Can I have multiple current accounts? Yes. You can have as many bank accounts as you choose; including multiple current accounts, provided that your intent is not to avoid paying taxes or disguises illegal activity. I just received my card and a PIN, but I’ll never remember it. How can I change it? If you go to an ATM, you will have the option to change your personal identification number after entering the one that already exists. It is recommended that you change it to something you can remember, but which isn’t easily guessed – for example, your child’s birthday is a bad choice because that can easily be guessed by anyone with a little knowledge of your family. What’s the benefit of an ISA? ISAs are tax free or tax efficient accounts which can accrue interest on your investments without being taxed to the same degree as other accounts. You can discuss whether an ISA would be useful for you with an advisor. In some cases, for example when you need to have immediate access to your cash, it may not be ideal for you. This will depend on the kind of account you open and the policies the bank or building society have for that kind of account.

What is a credit search? This is a search into your credit background to find out what kind of debt you have, your repayment history, etc. It can be affected by numerous factors, including your income and how often you’ve changed address in the last three to six years, and it can in turn affect other factors like pricing and payment options for your household energy needs, your mobile phone contract, etc. This is because it gives the companies an idea of how reliable you are and lets them find out whether you make payments on time or not. Should I check my own credit score? It might be a good idea to check your credit score about once a year, to make sure that there are no discrepancies or issues like fraud. How can I improve my credit rating? An important step is to regularly check your credit rating (once a year will do) and dispute anything which you believe to be inaccurate. Check all the information and make sure it is up to date. In addition, make sure you meet all your regular payment commitments. Any kind of missed payment, such as your cell phone contract or utility bill, can negatively affect your credit rating – not just missed payments on your credit card. Don’t make multiple applications for loans, credit cards, etc, at the same time.

Investigate any instance where you are refused credit and make sure that there are no issues, while spreading any credit applications out throughout the year. Often, people don’t realise that being registered on the electoral roll can be important as well. We strongly recommend you do this as companies use that to check your name and address. What if I lose my bank card? You should get in touch with the issuer right away. Some have a special hotline while others may even have a way of registering your card as lost via their website. You should have been sent information on how to cancel your card, and it is often included on bank statements, etc. You should be particularly careful with cards which are enabled for contactless payments. These allow small transactions to go through without the need for a PIN entry or signature. This means someone could take your card and just touch it to a reader to pay for things using your money. Contactless is only enabled for small purchases, usually under £20, but multiple purchases with the same card could still cause you problems. If you lose a card like this, you should report it as missing as soon as you realise, and if possible explain the last time you remember having it.

Your bank or financial institution may be able to cancel any payments made after that time, and they can certainly cancel your card so that contactless payments won’t be allowed. How much can I get for a loan? It depends on the policy of the company making the loan. Some will do anything from very small loans to very large ones, while others specialize in a particular kind of loan (e.g. payday loans). You should always speak to advisors and ‘shop around’ to find the best loan plan for you. What is APR? APR means “annual percentage rate”, which tells you how much it will cost to borrow with money over a year’s time. This will determine fees. What if I get declined for a loan? Ultimately, this is up to the company who are deciding to lend you money. You can contact the customer service department to ask why your application was rejected, and to enquire about any possible appeal system.


Credit Card Customer Services Telephone Number UK

This page hopes to answer various frequently asked questions and queries, to help you get the information you need to make any decision about your credit cards or applying for a new one. If you have any issues specific to a particular credit card, you may need to contact your credit card provider for more precise information, but this information should help you make any decisions you need to make about your cards and accounts. Do I need to pay to have a credit card? This may depend on the company providing credit services, but usually there is no annual fee. Instead, they charge interest on any outstanding balance if you have not paid it in full by the due date. Will I have to pay off interest every month? No. Interest is only charged if you haven’t paid off the full balance of credit by the due date. Precise details may again depend on the company providing your credit services, but typically you will have a period of interest free credit on purchases which may last up to a month or more. Alternately, there may be a particular due date in each month by which you need to pay down a portion of your credit.

Can I transfer balances from other cards? This is usually possible and there are often online Balance Transfer systems to allow you to do so quickly and easily. If you’re trying to consolidate your balance on one card, for example, this may be of use. Can I ask for a higher credit limit? You can apply for a higher credit limit once you have an account with your credit card provider. You may need to supply additional details for consideration, as the credit limits you are offered will depend on your personal circumstances at the time. It is unlikely, for example, that you can gain a higher credit limit if you are unemployed and are not regularly receiving some form of income. Can I choose the billing date that suits me? This will depend on the company. Some have a fixed payment date which you have to adhere to, while others will allow you to choose a statement or billing date which is suitable for you. You should be able to enquire about this when you open your account, or by calling an adviser at your convenience. Even if there is no obvious mechanism by which to change your statement date, it may still be possible if you speak directly to someone at the company. Some companies do charge for this service, or for repeated use of this service in a limited time frame.

How often does my balance get updated? For most companies, because everything is linked and networked, it is likely that you can see your latest transactions straight away in your online balance. However, some retailers don’t post their transactions instantaneously, so there’s no guarantee that your purchases will appear immediately on your online account. If you go over your credit limit because of this, this is still your responsibility, as you should be aware of how much you are spending at any given time. What can I do online? This will vary from account to account, but it is likely that with any service you use, you will be able to view your account, review any policy documentation, view your current balances, make payments, review past statements, etc. Can I still receive paper statements? Often companies now default to paperless billing, but if you request a paper statement, you can receive them as well. Would it be possible for someone to hack my account? Your details are all stored under encryption, no matter which company your account is with. They have a legal obligation to protect your information and may have to pay compensation if this fails. They are certainly liable for any issues which cause vulnerability on their end.

However, it is also your responsibility to protect your own account. The company will send all your important documents like your security numbers, cards, passwords, PIN, etc, separately. There will never be enough information in a single document to identify you or be used in fraud. For your part, you need to keep your password a secret and avoid writing it down where anyone can find it, check that you are using legitimate sites when you do online payments, etc. All the normal safeguards that apply to your debit card also apply to your credit cards. Using reputable online payment services could protect you from any sources of online fraud. PayPal or Google Checkout is particularly useful where they are applicable. If you do believe someone is using your credit card fraudulently, you can cancel it by calling the company which issued it.

They may have a hot line for this purpose. You may also wish to change your online details like your password. What if someone uses the same computer as me? As long as you log out of your accounts, no one can use them even if they are using the same computer. You should always make sure to log out and not allow your browser to remember your log in details if you are using a shared computer. Can another person on the same account as me look at my online account? Usually, this would not be the case. If you give them your online details, then they will be able to access your account, but as long as you keep these private, you should be the only one able to view your account. Even if they can access your account, there is often an additional layer of security when it comes to the ability to change anything on your account. What if someone keeps trying to access my account? Most companies have a security system set up so that if someone is trying to repeatedly access your account, they will notify you and help you secure your account properly. This may entail changing your password or other account details, for your security.